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Getting featured online could be one of the best things you’ve ever done. Your story can help and inspire others, especially if you don’t always feel that you have a chance to help someone. Sharing your story can also be a helpful psychological exercise. It might enable you to look at your own life from a different perspective and allow you to learn from your life’s experiences better. Just think about how all events, bad and good ones, come together in one story of your life.

It’s common to put a story in writing. But if you’d like to do a video, that’s even better. At Stuttering Society, we embrace both formats.
Just writing your story down or recording it does not work as well as knowing that someone will actually see it. We’ll make sure that your story is seen. We’ll feature it on our website.

To submit your story, go to your account and click ‘create an article’. You can add text and an image, or just add a YouTube link. Upon review and approval, we’ll publish your story on the website, and will let you know it’s online!

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