Author Rutger Wilhelm: how I discovered I clutter and my journey with cluttering

Rutger Wilhelm is chair-elect of the International Cluttering Association. Also, he is board member of the Dutch stuttering association and has served the board of the International Stuttering Association (ISA) in the past. Rutger has published a book about his experiences with cluttering: Too fast for words. For years Rutger was told by others that he stuttered. The fluency disorder had a disruptive effect on his life. To better cope with this, he attended all kinds of (group) stuttering therapies. Slowly he began to realize that he was “different” from other stuttering speakers. After he was diagnosed with cluttering many things started to fall into place. In this lecture he shares with you his personal voyage of discovery. We will discuss need-to-knows, tips, tools and strategies to better cope with the cluttering; on a mental and emotional level, or in interaction with others.

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