5 Advices If You Stutter

Growing up with a stutter can sap your confidence and make you believe that you will never succeed in achieving your dreams both personally and professionally. This thought becomes intrinsic in the mind, going to the subconscious and ultimately becoming a reality, unconsciously manipulating everyday activities and life decisions. Many times, we don’t even […]

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5 Ways to Help

One of the most frustrating experiences for people who stutter is to feel judged and underestimated based on the fluency of their speech. Listeners play a crucial role in ensuring a person who stutters feels supported and respected regardless of the way they speak.

People who stutter might handle their speaking difficulties in different […]

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5 Quick Facts About Stuttering

Despite being in existence for centuries, there is still a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about stuttering. Such misunderstandings can often directly impact the lives of people who stutter and affect their everyday activities, personal relationships and career prospects.

Therefore, it is important to clarify the different aspects of stuttering and ensure that the general public […]

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