Interview with Jurjen de Jong, Chair of Stamily

Jurjen de Jong is currently the Chair of Stamily as well as an astronomer and data scientist, currently working for the Leiden Observatory. He started this association with fellow friends who stutter in 2018. In the end of 2020, Stamily became officially the association it is today. Stamily is there for and by people who stutter with the aim of connecting people and raising awareness about stuttering through varies activities and by maintaining an online environment, which functions as a safe space for its members.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Jurjen de Jong, Chair of Stamily

  • Stephen Greene

    Great to hear from Jurjen and why he setup Stamily and his hope for the future

    • StutteringSociety

      Thank you for the comment, Stephen. Glad to hear you enjoyed hearing Jurjen’s story and his involvement in the stuttering community through Stamily.

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